About Us

Acden Lakeshore Contracting Limited Partnership (ALCLP) is a partnership between Acden and Lakeshore Contracting Ltd.  This is the first partnership that joins a First Nations owned company with an Aboriginal owned company.  The partnership will combine the essential services of Acden, for the planning, construction, maintenance and reclamation of Alberta’s Oil Sands and SAGD facilities, with the extensive knowledge of Lakeshore Contracting Ltd in civil works, site maintenance, clearing and corehole projects on local sites in the RMWB.

Superior service backed by aboriginal and non-aboriginal peoples

Lakeshore Contracting Ltd. (“Lakeshore”) has been delivering a diverse range of services in the Wood Buffalo Region for over 40 years. A longstanding commitment to offering superior service and delivering exceptional results has fused inseparable relationships and entrenched Lakeshore into Northern Alberta’s oil and gas and construction industries. Not only is Lakeshore an industry leader, we know and have the heart for the people, the land, and an unparalleled passion for leaving a lasting impact on future generations. Lakeshore is a long-term member of the Northeastern Alberta Aboriginal Business Association (NAABA), an Aboriginal organization committed to employing Aboriginal personnel from the Wood Buffalo Region. We make a difference by helping close the employment, economic prosperity, and social well-being gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples in Canada.  Our one-of-a-kind Partnership with Acden reaffirms our commitment to our land, our culture and all Aboriginal people. Lakeshore understands the delicate balance between preservation and opportunity and we are committed to responsible planning and management of the land for future Aboriginal generations.

People, Passion, and Professionalism

We have a heart for the people, the land, and an unparalleled passion for leaving a positive lasting impact on future generations.